PENSA 2021


PENSA Congress 2021 (Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia)
14-16 October 2021, Virtual Congress


Only registered delegates will be able to participate in the conference program.  Choose from the registration packages available below. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide which affects the health and lives of people as well as the health care professions, PENSA 2021 will be shifting to VIRTUAL/ONLINE MEETING format. Please pay close attention to what each package includes.

Registrations will be done online through Participants may pay instantly using their credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD), or they may choose to pay through the bank. 



  • VIRTUAL/ONLINE MEETING includes: Publication costs, online participation in the live and pre-recorded sessions of the Scientific Program and other conference arrangements including opening and closing ceremony, online support throughout.


Registration Type

Early Bird
May 1 - August 15, 2021

August 16 – September 30, 2021

October 14-16, 2021

Foreign Physician

120 USD

140 USD

150 USD

Foreign Non-physician

90 USD

100 USD

120 USD

Foreign Student

50 USD

อัตราค่าลงทะเบียนสำหรับคนไทย (สำหรับการเข้าร่วมประชุมผ่านระบบออนไลน์ และไม่เดินทางมาที่สถานที่จัดงาน)


๑ มีนาคม – ๑๕ สิงหาคม ๒๕๖๔

๑๖ สิงหาคม – ๓๐ กันยายน ๒๕๖๔

๑๔ - ๑๖ ตุลาคม ๒๕๖๔

แพทย์ (สมาชิกสมาคม SPENT)

๑,๗๐๐ บาท

๒,๐๐๐ บาท

๒,๕๐๐ บาท

แพทย์ (ไม่เป็นสมาชิกสมาคม SPENT)

๒,๐๐๐ บาท

๒,๔๐๐ บาท

๒,๕๐๐ บาท

บุคลากรวิชาชีพอื่น ๆ (สมาชิกสมาคม SPENT)

๑,๔๐๐ บาท

๑,๕๐๐ บาท

๒,๐๐๐ บาท

บุคลากรวิชาชีพอื่น ๆ (ไม่เป็นสมาชิกสมาคม SPENT)

๑,๗๐๐ บาท

๑,๙๐๐ บาท

๒,๐๐๐ บาท


๑,๕๐๐ บาท


  1. Proof of a registered and paid for PENSA 2021 should be sent by email at: [email protected].
  2. Proof of active student status is required for those who opt for Student Registration Rate. Email a scan of a valid Student ID or a letter from the Head of Department/Director of Program or School prepared on the institution’s letterhead. All student registrations that remain on the system without valid proof of student status by the end of September should either be paid as a regular full package or be canceled.

Important Notes

On August 15, 2021, the registration fees will increase substantially, so we encourage you to complete registration by 23:59 hours (GMT +7:00 Thailand time), August 15, 2021.

Your place as a presenter of an accepted submission in the conference program will be confirmed only after we have received your paid registration. The Conference Organizers reserve the right to withdraw any accepted submissions from the conference program that stand in the system without a presenter’s registration and full payment of fees received by the September 30, 2021 deadline.

Registration Restrictions

Registrations are non-transferable. In rare situations, such as unexpected illness, documented requests to transfer registrations will be reviewed by the organizers. Registrations are individual and cannot be shared among delegates. 

Cancellation Policy

The Conference Organizer allows participants to amend, upgrade/downgrade or cancel their registration between September 1-15, 2021 only. Any changes CANNOT be made before or after the mentioned period.

Cancellation will be subject to a US $90 processing fee and may take up to three weeks to be processed. Requests for such cancelation must be received in writing by sending an email to [email protected] between September 1-15, 2021, 23:59 hours (GMT +7:00 Thailand time). No refunds will be issued after the mentioned date and time.

In the event PENSA 2021 must cancel/postpone the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, PENSA 2021 will refund the cost of registration. However, PENSA 2021 does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses; to include, charges made for travel and lodging.